Our Rates

Plum Waters Resort LLC 2021 Rates
Cabin Capacity Bedrooms Bed Sizes Weekly Rates Daily Rates
Harriet Four 2 1Q/2T/1futon $1020.00 $150.00
Ardyce Six 3 1Q/2F/1T $1325.00 $190.00
Homewood Six 3 2Q/2T/1SS $1200.00 $175.00
Trout Four 2 2Q/1SS $1200.00 $175.00
Perch Four 2 1Q/1F/1T/1futon $1020.00 $150.00
key to bed sizes:    T=Twin     F=Full      Q=Queen    SS=Sofa Sleeper

                             Please contact us for off season rates and specials.........

                             During the Winter: Homewood is the only  cabin open. 

                               Extra people will be charged $30.00 per day. 

                                SORRY NO PETS